ij.start.canon TS3122

Have you recently purchased a new Canon IJ TS3122 printer? If yes, then you need to complete the ij.start.canon TS3122 setup for using the printing services. The Canon IJ TS3122 printer has received the commendable response from its users for the amazing printing quality and performance. You can connect the Canon Printer to your Windows as well as Mac device just by following some simple ij.start.canon TS3122 setup instructions. In this guide, we are going to share some simple guidelines that can help you in completing the printer setup without any hassle. So, if you want to know how to connect your Canon TS3122 printer to the wifi, follow the steps mentioned below.

Canon Pixma TS3122 Setup on Windows: Step to Follow

Before you begin the Canon Pixma TS3122 Setup process, check and make sure that your device is turned on and showing the green light.

  • Check if the light is blinking. Hit the ‘Stop’ button to stop the blinking of light.

  • Press and hold the ‘direct’ button until you see the ‘Settings’ option appearing on the screen.

  • When you press the Direct button, your printer will direct you to the wireless connection mode where you can see the icons appearing on the printer screen.

  • You need to insert the CD you got with your printer to proceed with the installation.

  • You can also download the software from ij.start.canon TS3122 setup website.

  • Once you are done with the downloading process, click on the setup and provide the details of your printer like printer name and product number.

  • As you are doing the setup for the first time, you need to choose the device name i.e Windows PC.

  • Click the ‘Connect Printer to Windows PC’ option.

  • A new Window will appear on your screen, here you need to tap on the ‘Download’ option.

  • The process will take a few minutes to complete the software downloading. Once you are done with it, hit the ‘Run’ button.

  • Open the file you have downloaded to get started.

  • Click on the ‘Start Setup’ option and wait for a while to let setup perform its tasks.

  • Once you are done, tap to enter the details like your Country and Region. Read the Terms and Conditions and click on the ‘Agree’ option.

  • In the next step, tap on the Yes to continue with Wireless connectivity process.

  • In the new screen, you have to choose the wifi network.

  • Type the password and hit the enter button.

  • The setup window will run to complete the process. This make takes a few minutes.

  • Once you have successfully established the connection and complete the installation process, you can start using the printer services.

Canon Pixma TS3122 Setup on Mac: Steps to Follow

  • Install the software using the CD you got with your printer.

  • Now, go to the downloaded file to get started.

  • Click on the ‘Open’ option to begin the installation process. You need to enter the password to proceed to the next.

  • Click on the ‘Start Helper’ option and wait for a while till the software installation.

  • Agree with the Terms and Conditions and choose your Wireless Network name.

  • Enter the password and click on the Next button. This may take a few minutes to complete the printer setup.

  • Once you are done with it, the printer will run the different troubleshooting steps to make sure that setup is successfully completed.

So, these are some simple guidelines that can help you with  ij start canon setup ts3122 on your device. All the mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. But, if you still have a doubt or if you are unable to complete the setup process, we recommend you to contact the experts to find and fix the problem.